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06/03/2020 Virador With Guide Marine

06/03/2020 Eagle ray Virador Captain: Santos Guides: Marine Safety Divers: Dive Site Depths: 25.1m Dive Times: 53min Temperature: 29°C Visibility: 10m Highlights: Eagle rays. stingray. whitetip shark. morays. scorpionfish. school of fish everywhere. butterflyfish. angelfish. surgeonfish. sergeant marjor. grunts. jack. puffers. damselfish. spadefish. amazing.

To Puff Or Not To Puff

Everyone loves pretty pufferfish! Here in the Costa Rican Pacific coast we get many species from the very small spotted sharpnose puffer to the colour-changing guineafowl puffer.  Pufferfish are morphologically similar to the closely related porcupinefish which have large external spines, like the Spotfin Burrfish and the Freckled Porcupinefish.  Pufferfish are most diverse in tropical…