Buttonhole is another one of our coastal dive sites located to the north of Potrero bay and is especially popular for beginner divers as it’s easy to stay at shallow depths of 30-40ft, although you can drop to about 60ft, and is usually protected from too much swell.  Buttonhole is well known and popular when weather conditions make other locations less accessible.


The buttonhole is a land reference to the cliff-face which has a large hole through it (no, you cannot get to it!). Starting on the north of the site you’re able to drop into very shallow waters where you can see a whole variety of our local fish species and often the floor has a lot of urchins so be careful near the bottom!   Heading out further around to the south you’re able find a sandy bottom with plenty of rocky outcrops to explore.


Time of year and weather conditions can find the water temperatures to range between 65-80 degrees F (18-27C).

Turtles and nurse sharks are often spotted in this area. Other marine life that is commonly seen includes moray eels, octopus, wrasse, puffer species, angel and butterfly fish, surgeonfish and maybe some round rays and lobster. Coastal sites are also good places to look for seahorses and nudibranchs!

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