Make Your Plans and Get Back In The Water Soon!

Stuck in doors right now and can’t wait to escape again? Dreaming of getting back to your favourite place….back in the water!?

There have been many articles published already about nature returning to places after the humans have had to stay in their houses for a while.  

What do we expect when we get, hopefully soon, to return to all our diving spots here on the Costa Rican Pacific Coast.  Where nobody has been diving, fishing or pleasure boating. Will it be different? 

The end of April, beginning of May usually sees our warm current heading up from the south. This tends to give us our clearest, warmest waters of the year!! This is a lot of our staff’s favourite time to be in the water. It’s the time of year that we get the most number of sightings of whale sharks, the sharks like the warm water and we tend to find white tips in greater numbers hanging on the sandy bottom. Beautiful Spotted Eagle Rays glide by above while schools of fish twist and turn in perfect formation.  And don’t forget to slow down and see the little things, crabs hiding in corals and rocky crags and sea slugs slowly sliding along the seafloor. Also, although not historically the usual ‘season’ (what is a season anymore anyway) for mantas, last year we saw them during this period on most of our dives.  

And most of all, we are adventurers, we dive to go see what is down there, in the 71% of our planet that is made up of water. It’s exciting, it’s a thrill. 

If you are stuck at home and need to fill some time, look into the next course that you can take, or if you need to start from the beginning with open water. The e-learning portion can be studied at home whilst you have time on your hands, then you have something extra to look forward to after traveling and businesses are more accessible again.  

Keep Blowing Bubbles!

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