The Wall | Scuba Diving The Catalina Islands

The Wall is located along the impressive west side of the Catalina Island. Normally, divers can enjoy this dive with the current from south to north in a depth of 30 to 100ft. The dive follows the nice underwater rock formations where often Eagle Rays, morays, rays and a lot of different kind of fish can be seen. After about 10min. into the dive, there is the Shark Channel, where you have the chance to see some baby sharks. Depending on the tide and surge, the channel can be entered and offers some nice views onto White Tip Reef Sharks laying in the sand or swimming around. On the way more north, you will pass very nice pinnacles with some Eagle Rays, Devil Rays and sometimes even mantas cruising around. Towards the end of the dive, there are big schools of fish and morays hanging in the rocks.

If your air allows it, the dive can be continued around the north corner were you have another chance to see the mantas and Eagle Rays.

The Wall is located to the open ocean and there is always a chance to see some big schools of Devil Rays, some Pilot Wales and even Whale Sharks. So keep an eye out into the blue!

The dive at the Wall is more an advanced dive spot as there can be some surge at the surface and there are no mooring lines for the entrance and the exit.

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