Chancleta (spanish word for flipflop) is a small rock formation just visible above the surface of the waters. It is tucked away in a southerly facing bay a short distance from honeymoon. You can drop in on either the east or west sides and head south along the sandy bottom exploring the shallow volcanic rock formations (max 45ft). A great place to really take your time and look into the rock crevices for our smaller species.  

Time of year and weather conditions can find the water temperatures to range between 65-80 degrees F (18-27C).

Other marine life that is commonly seen includes moray eels, octopus, wrasse, puffer species, angel and butterfly fish, surgeonfish, look on the sand for round rays and in crevices for hiding lobsters and arrow crabs. Coastal sites are also good places to look for seahorses and nudibranchs!

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