So I got to work this morning and Nere said – Hey! we have a couple coming to do their DSD’s with us today, so we are going to do a pool session then get into the water!  OK I thought, and proceeded to set up for the day. The couple arrived – lovely people on their Honeymoon – and we set them up with their gear.  Pool session done, we headed out to the Pacific Express for a couple of nice easy shallow ocean dives.

At Tortuga we descended down the line and proceeded to go for an easy swim.  The water was warm and the visability was great.  Big schools of fish out to play, a few big rays and morays.  As we rounded the corner I spot out of the corner of my eye a little glint of white….Sharks!  Settled on the bottom were 5 White Tipped Reef sharks…quite happily minding their own business.  So settling down next to them, we lay and watched until air made us ascend.  What a way to start your diving – white tips on your DSD!

But it gets better!!  Heading towards our next dive site we were suddenly turned 180 and our captain shoots off in the other direction shouting down something in Spanish.  Now as you know, my Spanish is pretty non-existent, so Nere translated.  Whales!  On the Horizon we could see a blow hole being cleared.  How did he see that – I am pretty convinced Pin (our captain) has some sort of Marine life Telepathy!  So we happily spent about 20 minutes cruising along with a Mum and Baby Humpback.  The baby was so young still his dorsal fin hadn”t yet hardened, so we gave them enough space so Mum didnt feel threatened, but watched as they came up for air on their long journey south.

Leaving the Whales and heading back in the direction of our second dive site, we spot a pod of dolphins who quickly catch us up and play in the wake of the boat.  Driving in circles we got some great footage of the 10 or so dolphins leaping and jumping through the waves.  They stayed with us for about 15 minutes before losing interest and swimming away.

The second dive was awesome too – a Turtle, loads of rays and life – but the Whales and dolphins really were the highlight of the trip out.

Maybe the Newly Weds had good karma, maybe we just had a good day.  Either way – that was one amazing day.

This is the life!

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