PADI Advanced Scuba Certification

padi-elearningThe Advanced Open Water certification is a program that takes you from a beginner in the world of scuba diving, to a level where you gain both experience, knowledge and comfort in the water, which allows you to enjoy your dives much more. It also opens many more doors for you. For instance, after completing the wreck diving specialty or the deep diving training, you will all the sudden be much more prepared for all kinds of fantastic dives that you may not have had the confidence or training to do prior to your course.

As with all of PADI’s courses, you can do portions of your training through the PADI Elearning program, which allows you to do mainly the diving portion of the course when you are on vacation in Costa Rica. You can do this by clicking on the right hand side and getting started.

The advanced course is a lot of fun and can be fairly customized. We recommend this course to anyone who will be doing any amount of diving in their life time as it makes you much more prepared, safe, and comfortable in the water.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this course.