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Scuba Diving in Costa Rica

When scuba diving in Costa Rica, Rocket Frog Divers is your 5 Star PADI IDC Dive Center of choice for Guanacaste, Costa Rica. We have also recently become SDI accredited as well as NAUI accredited with an instructor who is qualified to certify you through these agencies. Located conveniently only minutes from Playas del Coco (Coco Beach). Rocket Frog Divers offers customers 5 Star diving vacations at great prices.

Scuba Dive With The Best In Costa Rica

Rocket Frog Divers utilizes 4 purpose built dive boats. The Pacific Express is unlike any other in the area. It features two 250HP V6 Yamaha 4 Stroke engines that allow us to visit our dive sites in a fraction of the time that it takes other dive companies. This proves especially worthwhile when you consider that some of the more popular dive sites in the region, the Bat Islands (Isle Murcileago) and the Catalinas Islands are several hour trips with other operators. The Pacific Express can make the voyage to the Catalinas in less than half an hour.

The “Tiburon” or the shark is another purpose built dive shop build for small groups. This dive vessel is perfect for exploring local dive sites in the Gulf de Papagayo with a very small group.

The Devil Ray is a catamaran style dive vessel which we acquired in 2015. It is a catamaran style vessel which offers a lot of room and comfort for our divers and also offers an upper level sun deck for surface intervals and for the voyage to and from the dive sites.

Another point that separates us from most dive shops in Costa Rica is that you will have a member of our senior staff diving on the boat with you every day. This ensures that you are getting the best possible service possible.  Our owners care about the experience their customers have and will work their hardest to ensure you have the best possible service on your dive trip.

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Scuba Diving The Bat Islands

The Bat Islands are a world class dive location that has been protected by the Costa Rican government. The Islands are located in the far north of Costa Rica and are at the edge of Santa Rosa National Park. These islands are one of the only places in Costa Rica that you can dive with the bull sharks. The dive sites are approximately a 50 minute trip with our boat from our Playa Ocotal location. Because of the protected status and the remote location, this area is absolutely full of marine life. The schools of fish are bigger in numbers and size at the Bat Islands. You can encounter schools of devil rays which can be into the thousands. You can also find the Manta Rays at some of the dive locations as well as several different species of rays, sharks, turtles, eels, and too many fish to mention. When you book with Rocket Frog Divers you are booking with the best dive shop in Costa Rica. We will work with you to give you the custom trip of your dreams! Let us take you scuba diving in Costa Rica!

Scuba Diving The Catalinas

The Catalinas are situated about a half hour boat ride from our location and offer your best chance to swim with the Pacific Giant Mantas in Costa Rica. The Catalinas’ are an isolated group of islands, south of our dive shop.. They are perfect places for large schools of fish, rays, and other marine life to congregate. The huge prize is to swim with the Pacific Giant Manta whose wing span can be wider than a vehicle is long. These can be found in the Catalinas for most of the year. There has also been occasional whale shark and orca whale sightings in the area. Sightings of thehumpback whale and dolphins are also quite common.

Visibility in the Catalinas ranges throughout the year, however, the best visibility can often be found from the months of May through mid-November.

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Scuba Diving The Gulf de Papagayo

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Our local dive sites are all found within a 15 minute boat ride of our Playas del Coco location. They include sites such as Tortuga, Argentina Point, Sorpresa, Monkey Head, Turning Point, Shark Shallows, Punta Gorda, the Aquarium, and Palmares to name but a few. There are approximately 30 local dive sites at which our divemasters and captains  are expert guides. Water temperatures and visibility range incredibly in our waters. It is not uncommon for temperatures to change by as much as 5 degrees celsius on any given day. There are often extreme thermoclines which also are very hard to predict. The water generally is warm enough that a 3mm wetsuit will suffice. The visibility is also quite hard to predict. In the dry season the visibility can range from 10-70 feet, and again can change almost daily. The massive changes that occur here are what makes the marine life so abundant and diverse.

More Information On Scuba Diving In Costa Rica

Our dive shop is located in Playas del Coco which is in the province of Guanacaste in northern Costa Rica. Our dive sites are all found in the Gulf de Papagayo. The waters of the Gulf de Papagayo are some of the richest in terms of marine life that you will ever find on the planet. The area is famous for both its fantastic fishing and scuba diving.

The busy season in Costa Rica runs from December until March. In our area of Guanacaste the weather is absolutely beautiful. Low to mid 30s, sun shine every day, and afternoon breezes. This time of year it is extremely hard to cross the Gulf to the Bat Islands so our dives are concentrated in the local diving and the Catalinas. The water actually tends to be a bit cooler during these months as well.

The diving is broken up into three categories as far as we are concerned. Local diving, the Catalina Islands, and the Bat Islands.

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Our Staff
Mike Kucharski

Michael Kucharski

Michael is a retired member of the US Army who came to Costa Rica to try diving. After diving the area, Mike decided to stay and start a dive business. When diving with Mike you will notice the permanent smile that is on his face. Mike has learned to dive incredibly well in the past year, becoming a Divemaster in the process.


Nere Aguero

Nere has always had interest in the underwater world and studied Marine Biology in University in San Jose at the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica. Nere is here by mistake. The University stopped offering a course she needed to graduate for a semester. In that semester Nere started diving and loved it. On her way to becoming a divemaster, Nere met Mike. The rest is history!

michal (1)

Michal Ilkanich

Born and raised in Slovakia he arrived to Rocket Frog as an Advanced Diver with the goal to become a Divemaster. He was marvelled by the wonders and variety of the oceans in Costa Rica and turned a passionate Specialty instructor. As the days went by he gained the trust of the crew now he gets to boss around the rest of the instructors.




mykol (1)


Mykol is also widely known as the Cookie Monster. Mykol joined us after working at Los Almendros for years. Mykol is also a local tico and helps out with all of the land based aspects of the dive shop.



After many years as a Paramedic and Volunteer Firefighter, Sylvie still assist people but now underwater. She did all her levels in France with CMAS federation before to become a Padi Instructor

james (1)

Jamie Madera aka James Wood

PADI Instructor and SSI Instructor. Originally from Texas, I started diving with Rocket Frog in 2016. I loved the diving the food, the weather and the people. There was no doubt where I wanted to retire and teach scuba. I retired to Costa Rica in 2019. Come and dive with us and your world may change like mine.



Tommy is an old fart who likes to pretend he’s grumpy all the time. He started diving MANY years ago, but revived his love for diving in the last several years after introducing his wife to the underwater world. After watching the excitement of a newbie to the diving world, he decided to advance his diving knowledge and become a Padi instructor. He came to Vacation in Costa Rica from Atlanta for several years and now enjoys showing off the marine life in Coco full time. Compliment him on his hair and he’ll smile for you.