Local Diving at Tortuga, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Depth: 65-70 feet

white tip reef shark costa ricaTortuga is a local dive site that is frequented often by our shop as it is one of our favorites in the area. The dive site is named Tortuga, not because you will see an abundance of Tortugas (turtles) but because at the bottom of the mooring line you will find a large cement block in the shape of a turtle.

The dive site is a quick 5-10 minute boat trip from our location at Playa Ocotal. Upon arriving at the site you will be hooked up to a mooring line and descend 40 feet or so to the start of the dive site. There is a large rock formation that will stay on your left hand side for the majority of the dive. On this rock you will find a variety of marine life. Mooray eels, puffer fish, and several other large schools of fish. Quite often on this dive, usually when the water is warm, there will be a group of white tip reef sharks that you will encounter only minutes into the dive. They are generally resting on a sandy patch in the rocks.

After stopping and seeing the white tips you will continue the dive to a 40 foot or so wreck that is located in approximately 65-70 feet of water, the deepest you will go on this dive. Depending on your air consumption your divemaster will then lead you in a few different directions.

white tip reef sharks at wreck in Costa RicaDuring the rest of you are fairly sure to see a few more white tips, some common rays, possibly some spotted eagle rays, and tons of fish. If your air consumption is good, you will be able to complete the entire dive site and return to the mooring line for your safety stop and ascent.

This is truly one of our favorite dives due to its diversity. It is our surest best for finding sharks in any of our dive sites and also allows you to explore a wreck.