Scuba Diving In Guanacaste Costa Rica

We offer more local dive sites than any other dive operator in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. Our captain and our divemasters know of all of the sites and know which sites  will be best on any given day. This is especially important to divers who plan on doing several dives during their stay here in Costa Rica.

We will work with you to develop individual itineraries to ensure you get to see your desired dive sites. We also dive some of the more advanced dive sites that are not done by our competitors. Ask some of our competitors about the jewel of the area Palmares. Our Captains have been navigating the waters for over a decade as well and before that was a divemaster. This experience above and below the water is invaluable as he understands what effects the conditions.

If you have any questions regarding your next dive trip to Costa Rica and if we would be able to help you with any of your scuba diving or snorkelling adventures, please let us know.

Our sites include

6. Virador/Turning Point

7. Monkey Head

11. Tortuga/Key Largo

12. Argentina Point

13. Sorpresa

17. Tiburones / Shark Shallows

16. Punta Gorda


Ocotal Beach

Costa Rica Dive Site Map

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