Our Staff
Mike Kucharski

Michael Kucharski

Michael is a retired member of the US Army who came to Costa Rica to try diving. After diving the area, Mike decided to stay and start a dive business. When diving with Mike you will notice the permanent smile that is on his face. Mike has learned to dive incredibly well in the past year, becoming a Divemaster in the process.

nere aguero

Nere Aguero

Nere has always had interest in the underwater world and studied Marine Biology in University in San Jose at the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica. Nere is here by mistake. The University stopped offering a course she needed to graduate for a semester. In that semester Nere started diving and loved it. On her way to becoming a divemaster, Nere met Mike. The rest is history!

BAT Island April 2012 001

Gerardo Jacamo aka Pin

If Pins driving of a ship was as advanced as his english, we would all be dead. Luckily it is much better. Pin has over 10 years of experience navigating the waters of Costa Rica, and is also a certified divemaster. This combination gives us what we feel is the best captain in the waters of Guanacaste. Pin is also a very skilled chef. His ceviche is the best in all of Guanacaste.


Beni Hodel

The first time I put my head under water in Costa Rica I fell in love with the diving.
I worked in Switzerland in the automotive industry but after a few years I wanted out. So I came to Costa Rica and did my Divemaster. That’s when I fell in love! And I wanted to stay. After finishing my Instructor I returned to Rocket Frog. Diving and all the life under water is my passion, which I want to share with you!


Scott Jackson

After retiring as Clinical Director of an Orthotic Practice in the states, I searched the world to find a place to open a dive operation. Once I experienced the professionalism, quality of gear, the dedication to customer service and the awesome boat, I realized that I could not provide anything better. I asked Mike and Nere to join their family, and they graciously accepted me with the nick name “Old Man”. If you notice the goose bumps on my arms, you will see that I am as excited as you for our next dive. I love sharing the beauty of my new country with visitors. Pura Vida!


The Viking

Working as a guide/instructor for Rocket frog divers is the best job I’ve ever had. It’s challenging and rewarding and I get paid to do something I love.


Jonnie Rowe

Shaggy came to Costa Rica to do his divemaster internship and left a part of the team. Putting his web page and search engine know how to work on our web site, Shaggy has proved a valuable member to our team. Being the first of our divemaster interns and after introducing our next divemaster intern Sean to Costa Rica in fine style, Shaggy will now work in helping develop the program for divemaster interns in the future!