Completing the divemaster internship course with Rocket Frog Divers is no easy feat. We work our interns hard to prepare them for life as a divemaster no matter where they end up. Below are some of the successful interns our shop has has the pleasure of working with!

Jonnie Rowe

Shaggy was the first divemaster intern we ever worked with. He paved the way for more to come. He also has taken over the web site for Rocket Frog and has worked as an on call from Canada divemaster for large groups. Diving since 2006, Jonnie has diven in areas including the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Dominican, Cuba, Hawaii, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Indonesia, Canada, and of course Costa Rica.

Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll is a Materials Engineering Student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Sean has been diving since 2009. Initially open water certified in Larnaca, Cyprus. Upon arriving in Costa Rica, Sean was greeted by Shaggy at the airport. Sean has an incredibly eventful first 24 hours in Costa Rica, but what happens in Costa Rica stays in Costa Rica right Sean? Sean fit in great with the staff at Rocket Frog and we look forward to seeing Sean back in CR whenever possible for years to come!

lara henry
Lara Henry

Lara originates from over the pond in not-so-sunny England.  Having trained as an Occupational Therapist back home, Lara spent 3 years working in a hospital specialising in head injury rehab.  Despite loving her job, Lara was convinced there was more to life (ie more diving to do…!) and so began researching using SCUBA as Rehab.  Her Divemaster is the first step towards a career in Disabled Diving, and also away from the cold, rain and snow of England!

Philip Jacobson

Philip is a Marine biologist from Sweden who started to dive when he was 12 years old. Diving back home, in the cold water of the Baltic Sea, small wooden wrecks and wall dives is his favorites. One of his biggest dreams in life was to dive with the Giant pacific manta, which was fulfilled during his first week here. Since that day he always crosses his fingers before going in the water, hoping a Manta will show up above him.

Mary Jackson
Mary Jackson

Mary is originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She originally came to Costa Rica for vacation and quickly fell in love with it. She’s been back quite a few times and plans on continuing that pattern in the future. Mary is currently pursuing degrees in Zoology and Marine Biology and hopes to utilize her divemaster certification in wildlife and marine conservation. Her biggest challenge during her internship was not being able to take all of the stray animals home with her at night.

cortni mcgregor
Cortney McGregor

Cortni is from Upstate New York. After completing a degree in Marine Biology at Cornell University and researching freshwater ecosystems she needed to get away from the gloomy, chilly waters of the Finger Lakes. The Divemaster internship at Rocket Frog Divers seemed like the perfect opportunity see some sunshine, advance her SCUBA experience, and meet amazing people. She instantly fell in love with the beautiful weather and people of Costa Rica. Hopefully this is the start of many more SCUBA diving adventures-here and around the world!