Why Choose Rocket Frog When Planning To Go Diving In Costa Rica?

The Best Dive Boat In The Area

Rocket Frog Divers is proud to offer their customers the absolute best dive vessel in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. Our ship, The Pacific Express, was built with the sole purpose of diving in mind. Our ship is 36 feet long and is fitted with two 250 HP Yamaha engines. This allows you to make it to some of our specialty dive sites (The Catalina Islands and The Bat Islands) in less than half the time of our competition. This means we get you diving and back to enjoy the other endless possibilities that exist in our beautiful country of Costa Rica.

group diving costa rica

Our Crew Cares

Our company is also incredibly lucky to have owners who are active in the day to day operations of our dive shop. On any given day you will have at least one, and quite often as many as three owners on board The Pacific Express with you. We will answer all of your questions as best as we possibly can and always treat you with respect and appreciation as your business is what allows us to keep doing the thing we love, run a dive shop. If you have any special requests of concerns our crew will always do the best that we possibly can to see that we can deliver to give you the most enjoyable dive experience possible.

Knowledgeable Divemasters

Our divemasters have extensive knowledge and experience in the dive industry and Costa Rica. All are happy to serve you in english with our instructor Nere also speaking fluent spanish (Shes a Tico. Of course she does).  Nere comes from a background in marine biology and offers another very knowledgeable perspective She also has been diving the waters of the Gulf de Papagayo for several years and knows ever nook and cranny. Mike offers you enthusiasm and a love for the ocean that is infectious with all of our customers. Pura Vida!

100% Safety Record

We are proud of our the safety record which we have. We have had no injuries, boat malfunctions, or any sort of accidents. This safety record is something we are both extremely proud of and extremely motivated to uphold. All of our staff undergo regular training to plan for diving emergencies were they to ever occur. Our boat is quite new and regularly serviced and maintained to ensure we never experience any technical or mechanical problems while guiding our divers. It is our responsibility to you as customers and we take it very seriously while still having fun!

We Will Pick You Up!

We have recently purchased a van for our company and now offer a pick up service for our customers. The price of the service varies based upon your location, however, pick up in the Playas del Coco as well as the Playa Ocotal areas will be complimentary! Just one more way that we have responded and answered our customers requests for additional services. We look forward to seeing you soon!