Dive Site: Punta Gorda

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Sea Horse Costa Rica#16 on the Rocket Frog dive map, Punta Gorda never fails to please. With a maximum depth of 70 feet this is a great dive site for beginners and the advanced diver alike. Rolling off the boat you find the journey to the bottom on the mooring line is a short 25 foot descent. As you make the descent to the bottom you can expect the excitement to begin as hundreds of small colorful fishes school around the divers.

This large rock typically is navigated counter clockwise to ensure the divers get a nice ride on the gentle current on the back side of the rock. Before you get to ride the current you will certainly see an abundance of sealife. You can expect to continually see large schools of fish, moray eels, and some friendly green turtles all in the first 25% of the dive. As you round the first turn your right shoulder points to the open ocean and big common rays fly effortlessly by on the sandy bottom at the base of the rock. If your lucky you will occasionally encounter a stray white tip shark hanging out on the bottom, waiting for the sun to set and the feeding to begin!

Turtle at Punta Gorda Costa RicaThere is lots of fire coral at Punta Gorda and you are sure to find some small blenni’s hiding in the small holes of the coral. But still your not done, on the last quarter of the dive we can often find yellow, orange and brown seahorses. Just before the dive ends harlequin clown shrimp can sometimes be seen feeding on starfish.

Most divers will make it back to the mooring line as most of the dive is spent between 35-55 feet.

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