Dive Spot: Shark Shallows (Guanacaste, Costa Rica)

scuba diving shark shallows costa ricaSharks shallows is one of our local dive sites which is located just south of Ocotal beach on the way to Catalina’s island. Shark shallows is typically the first of a two tank dive in the area often followed up with a dive at Punta Gourda. Although shark shallows is well known, it does not see many divers due to the distance that must be traveled from Coco beach.


What many divers do not know is that the dive site consists of a series of five rock formations. The first two formations are visited by most divers with a maximum depth of 75 feet at the second rock The next three rock formations are rarely seen by most recreational divers due to air consumption. If you are a skilled breather then the other three rock formations are breath taking. Your depth continues to increase to 110 feet. Here is where you see lots of big rays and white tip sharks weaving between the rock structures and if your lucky you may have the opportunity to see the fast moving black tips that sometimes visit these formations.


Shark-Shallows2You can expect the water temperatures to range between 73-80 degrees. Maximum depth at the 5th rock is 115 feet.


Marine life that is commonly seen includes spotted eagle rays, common rays, moray eels, octopus, white tip sharks, large schools of fishes, turtles, and the rare black tip shark.