Rocket Frog Divers Welcome’s You Back To Costa Rica!

Covid 19 has put a significant strain on the tourism and diving industries around the world. Costa Rica has been hit quite hard due to it’s reliance on the tourism industry. As of October 15th we are open to the majority of the United States and as of November 1st Costa Rica will be open to all US Residents. For an up to date list of travel restrictions click here.
With the reopening of the tourism sector you will find some absolutely incredible deals on accommodation. The hotel where Rocket Frog is located, called Hotel Colono Beach, is offering great discounts to try and encourage people to start traveling again. Rooms for 2 people start at $79 per night. Add 5 days of diving the Gulf de Papagayo to your vacation for $400! This means you can come and enjoy some of the greatest diving in Costa Rica more affordably than ever.
October and November is a great time to go diving in Costa Rica. You will be witnessing the later part of our annual humpback migration. You will also be visiting during the shoulder months between rainy season and dry season. With that you will likely experience some incredible sunny days and get to enjoy the lush green surroundings that the rainy season has created. Within a few short months all of the hillsides will be brown and it will be a significantly different landscape.
Also during these months on many days all three areas of diving are available to customers. The Bat Islands are still accessible on most days (where you can swim with bull sharks) with a minimum group of 4 divers to make the trip, the Catalina Islands are still a great location and often times present the joy of viewing the Giant Pacific Manta, and the Gulf de Papagayo is always available and offers pilot whales, dolphins, humpbacks, rays, eels, and huge schools of fish.
With Rocket Frog we always dive in small groups, however, post Covid we have been diving in very small groups often times with private service to our guests. There has never been a better time to come and visit Costa Rica, enjoy the beautiful diving Costa Rica has to offer in tiny and often private groups!
Rocket Frog Divers is ready and waiting for you to return and to show you the beautiful waters and marine life of Costa Rica.

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