Rocket Frog Divers has employees from all walks of life. One thing about running a dive shop is that you see a lot of world travelers who have an incredibly adventurous spirit. These people are always a joy to be around and bring in their experiences and skills they have developed from working in other parts of the world. The only downfall with this is that these people generally stay for a relatively short period of time and then move on to their next adventure. A while back we were incredibly fortunate to have found a new employee from a completely different walk of life. A resident Costa Rican doctor who is now a vital part of our team. Luis brings an incredible enthusiasm to work each day and shares that with the Rocket Frog customers. It is also great to have someone with Luis skill set from working as a doctor for 12 years on the boat each day. He adds just one more level to the amount of safety we provide to our customers on any given day. We recently wrote a quick bio on Luis. This is what we came up with.

Luis Carlos Huertas Gabert. After expending 12 years as an MD, AHA instructor and medical director of prehospital rescue services, Luis found in Rocket Frog what was he was missing in his life. The love to observe, study and teach the love of the ocean and it’s creatures. For him every dive is a new experience just like it was day 1.
An easy going passionate individual who loves nature, outdoors, science and people. Always willing to learn and grow in a personal and professional level.
He will always welcome you with a smile to the Rocket Frog vessels.

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