Local Diving Gulf de Papagayo

Tranquilo features incredible volcanic rock structures including small boulder fields that are home to Royal Urchins, Arrow Crabs, and several species of moray eels, large boulders which are frequent cleaning stations for the occasional sea turtle, as well as home base for the aliens here on earth: octopus.  There is also a spectacular channel at the end of the dive where White Tip Reef sharks like to rest during the day; to get a closer look at these shy guys make slow movements and stay close to the sand- we don’t want to disturb them while they are trying to get some shut eye before they are more active at night.

 At a maximum depth of 18m/60ft this is a perfect dive site for new Open Water divers, with enough interesting features for more advanced divers to find something new as well.  As the name states, this is one chill site!