Playa Ocotal, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Playa Ocotal, Costa Rica

Photo Courtesy Brian & Margo Gilham

Playa Ocotal is located only 3kms outside of the much better known Playas del Coco in the province of Guanacaste in northwestern Costa Rica. Playa Ocotal is the home of our dive shop. We are located in the Los Almendros Condominium complex. Playa Ocotal is predominantly a black sand beach and is a favorite amongst locals to visit on weekends and holidays. Playa Ocotal is probably most used as a departure point for various sport fishing and scuba diving day tours as it is a very protected beach. The beach is also fantastic for snorkeling. At either end of the beach there are rocky outcroppings that have a variety of marine life present. Locals use this area for spearfishing during certain times of the year.

The beach is much quieter in comparison to the busy town of Coco.The only bar in the area is Father Roosters which is a fantastic place to grab a beer, some nachos, or their famous 1lb rooster burger after a day of fishing or diving in the Gulf de Papagayo.

Playa Ocotal is also a favorite location for local Costa Ricans to be married. The beach often plays host to some very fancy weddings. In Costa Rican style there is almost always very impressive fireworks displayed the evening of a wedding.

There is a variety of accommodation options in Playa Ocotal. There are a variety of villas and condos that are for rent with a wide range in prices. There are also a few fantastic bed and breakfast style accommodations that are great for people trying to get some insider knowledge on the area as most owners are always willing to be very helpful.

Playa Ocotal, similar to much of the rest of Guanacaste, has a very distinct dry season. If you come between December and late April you can go months without seeing a drop of rain. During the months from May until November you will likely experience an hour or so of rain during the evening (around 5pm), sometimes the rain storm is accompanied by a lightning display over the Pacific ocean which is always great to watch. The rainy season in this area is actually quite a pleasant time to visit. These micro climates that exist in Costa Rica is something that makes it very unique.

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