group diving Costa Rica

Group Diving In Costa Rica

If you are looking for an operator to take offer you and your group an amazing, custom, VIP dive experience in Costa Rica look no further than Rocket Frog Divers. We work with groups of all sizes. We have even accommodated a group of 120 divers in the past. With all of our groups we can arrange for a completely customized experience to make sure that your vacation goes as planned!

Our Fleet Is Ready!

We have without debate, the best fleet of dive boats in Costa Rica. All of our boats are built with diving in mind and serve different purposes.

We have 3 boats which are ribbed inflatables which are built for speed. These boats can get you to and from the further dive locations such as Bat Islands and the Catalinas with speed and comfort. When traveling to Bat Islands for examples, these boats can cut over 3 hours off of your dive trip (1.5 hours each way). This will give you a lot more time to enjoy either completing an extra dive or spending more time at your resort enjoying the beauty of Costa Rica!

We also have a pontoon style boat which offers a head and plenty of space for local dive trips. This is also great for accommodating wheel chairs and other disabled diving groups. Just to mention, we do have our Dive Heart certification and have enjoyed hosting divers with a range of physical disabilities and allowing them to enjoy the rich waters of Costa Rica in a comfortable and safe manner.

Finally, our most recent additions to our fleet include 2 dive vessels which hold 10 divers a piece. These are great for intermediate range trips or local diving. They also offer a toilet and a very comfortable diving experience!

Planning A Trip For Your Dive Group or Shop?

We offer net pricing to dive shops and groups of 10 or more which will allow you to get a great deal for your guests or to make some profit for yourself. We also offer comp’ed spaces and will work with your shop to customize your itinerary, ensure that your group members have no worries at all. At many resorts we offer beachfront pick up and drop off. Which means no vehicle transfers or waiting around the dive shop.

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