11/13/2019 Cupcakes (Catalinas)

11/13/2019 Blue orca Cupcakes (Catalinas) Captain: Danilo Guides: Niko Safety Divers: Dive Site Depths: 12.8mt Dive Times: 39min Temperature: 27Β°C Visibility: 10mt Highlights: Divers – – – > Eric & Carolyn (DSD) White tip reef shark 🦈 Panamenic green moray Sea stars A lot of seas orcheans And 1 litlle round ray 🐑🐟🐠

11/13/2019 Punta Gorda

11/13/2019 Devil Ray Punta Gorda Captain: Nelson Guides: Jason Safety Divers: Martin &Torin Dive Site Depths: 59 feet Dive Times: 47 minutes Temperature: 80.4 F Visibility: 35 feet Highlights: Divers: Shoshi & Ryan OWC dive 4….CONGRATS TO THE NEWLY CERTIFIED OPEN WATER DIVERS!!!!!!