I know I only blogged a few days ago, but we have had such an amazing week, so I thought you deserved to hear all about it…and maybe it will spur you on to come diving with us!!

So when I arrived here, you start to meet other interns and instructors from the other dive shops around pretty quickly, and have since made some good friends.  On talking to them, the phrase I hear most when talking of Rocket Frog is “”I am so jealous of your boat!””.  Everyone wants the Pacific Express – she is fast and smooth and as our Captain sits above us in his station, he spots so much more life on the ocean to show us!  And when they hear about the amazing things we have seen when out on the Pacific Express this week, they are even more jealous!

Now I dont know if you believe in Karma, but this week, somewhere, someone has been looking out for us!  Humpback season is upon us and everytime we have been out on the boat we have had some amazing whale encounters, as well as dolphins, white tip sharks and Turtles.   Taking customers out who have been on Whale watching tours in the past and havent seen them, and they come diving with us and we show them Whales for free!!    Whales breaching, fluking, and just waving their pectoral fins out of the water at us!

No-one else I have met here has seen the Whales as much as us – good Karma huh!?

In other news, we are cracking on with our DM course.  Knowledge reviews are being worked through and we have done our Deep and Night dives this week too.  The night dive was amazing…so many lobster and star fish, electric rays and anenomes.  So for now I have earned the next 2 days off, and I am going to La Fortuna to see Arenal Volcano and the hot springs and waterfalls…

Chao for now!

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