South Point/ The Point & El Jardin

IF mantas are around then South point is one of the best sites within the Catalina islands with chances to see them. There is a particular spot near the southeast end of the island, at about 40 ft, where they tend to hang out, right by a sandy patch where there are often resting white tip sharks. They can however be seen at any part of this site often cruising along in shallow waters. This site is accessible to all levels of divers and can be started on the west or eastern sides of the island.  

The western entry point allows for divers to drop deeper at the south point of the island before turning the corner to head north, here you can also head (experienced divers with good air consumption) to el jardin (the garden) at 90 ft,  air depending, where more white tip sharks may be found.

The eastern entry point allows you to start nice and shallow 30-40 ft and head out towards the shark patch, looking for a variety of marine life on the way. This gives a great mix of a little bit of everything from rays to seahorses and is great for beginner divers.


Time of year and weather conditions can find the water temperatures to range between 65-80 degrees F (18-27C).

Apart from giant mantas and white tip reef sharks, common marine life here includes eagle rays, devil rays, moray eels, octopus, schools of grunts, jacks and surgeon fish, lobsters, harlequin shrimp and seahorses.  There is often a school of spade fish here at the barber fish cleaning station.

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