Las Pailas

This dive can be started at the same point as to dive classic but by coming in a southerly direction. The first area with a sandy bottom which site between where the 2 islands meet is great in cooler waters for teeming with southern stingrays and has a steep wall dropping to about 80ft where white tips sometimes hang out. The rocks here have some small channels that sharks may be hanging out in. The bottom here is mixed with some sand and some areas small rocks/shingle, great for looking for scorpion fish and seahorses.

Like classic/the wall due to its position, it can be hit straight on by swells so can be rough but otherwise is accessible to all levels of divers. Mantas have been seen cruising along here as have eagle rays and lesser devil rays.


Time of year and weather conditions can find the water temperatures to range between 65-80 degrees F (18-27C).

Marine life that are commonly seen at these sites include white tip reef sharks, eagle rays, giant mantas, stingrays, moray eels, moorish idols, scorpion fish, octopus, schools of grunts, lobsters and maybe a seahorse.


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