Scuba pick up service costa rica

We at Rocket Frog Divers are extremely excited to announce that we will now be able to offer a pick up service to divers in our area. There has been increasing demand by our customers to offer this service and we have just recently purchased a new van. The van will hold up to 9 divers and their gear and will be able to pick up our customers bring them to Playa Ocotal for an amazing day of diving and return them to their accommodations in our local area.

The price for this service varies based upon location, however, we are excited to announce that our most popular location Playas del Coco will be a FREE pick up and drop off!

Hermosa will be a $20 fee for the entire day (pick up and drop off). Which will make it less than half of what you would pay a taxi to go to this location. Please contact us to find out the rate from your accommodations in the Guanacaste region!

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